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OUR History

In 1973, a group of volunteer doctors and nurses met to address the lack of culturally and linguistically competent health services available to their families and communities. They began providing free primary healthcare to Filipino and Latino patients out of a barber shop in downtown San Diego. The demand for services rapidly grew, and the group realized this effort would take more organization, full-time staff, and a space of their own. In their commitment to Samahan (a Filipino word for “working together”), they formalized their efforts and created ‘Operation Samahan’. Since then, OPSAM HEALTH has grown to multiple clinic sites in National City, Mira Mesa, and Rancho Peñasquitos and is recognized as a Federally Qualified Health Center since 2013.

OUR Mission

We exist to provide quality and patient-centered healthcare to every member of the communities we serve, regardless of the ability to pay.

OUR Vision

We envision an organization where:

  • Patients and their families receive a well-coordinated care they need with excellent quality and high satisfaction;

  • Wellbeing of the community is addressed through public education, outreach, and meaningful multi-sector partnerships;

  • Employees are functioning efficiently and are proud to be working for the company;

  • Donors and volunteers are enthusiastic to contribute and be a part of driving our success;

  • There is a clear and continuous path towards sustainable growth; and

  • We are looked up to in the community as a reputable health resource for everyone, especially the underserved.

OUR Values

In carrying out our mission, every OpSam employee is bound by the following key values:


    • Every work we do will center on personal responsibility and reliability and that we, as an organization, will be held accountable to all our various stakeholders, including our patients, peers, payers, and governmental agencies.


    • Patients will always come first and will be welcomed and treated with dignity and compassion.


    • Everyone will be respectful and supportive to one another, as we are to all our patients and their families


    • All employees will be committed to performing duties aligned with expectations and in accordance with our mission and vision.


    • Teamwork will be central in our organization with everyone working together to meet every patient’s needs and expectations.


    • Each employee will function with stewardship in mind, preventing waste of the limited resources our organization has.

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